Minimum Carpet Wash Three Times a Year

Carpets that easily absorb water, dirt, dust, animal hair, even fleas or mites need special care. Many people think that regular siphoning is enough to clean the carpet,  even though it doesn’t completely disinfect. The right carpet cleaning pet stains service will help us get rid of various microorganisms that cause disease while creating room air that is clean, healthy and safe for children and families. In addition, the beauty and durability of the carpet are also maintained, making it more durable. Standard carpet washing is based on the classification of ingredients, colors, and types of each carpet. After going through the classification process, it can only be washed properly and on target. Not all carpets can be washed with water. 5sec has a dry cleaning machine for special carpets.

The carpet washing process is carried out with nine washing stages consisting of measure, marking, dust removing, carpet washing, spinning, combing, drying, quality control, and packaging. All processes are carried out with environmentally friendly technology including disposal of used water that has been through the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) at the washing location. To maintain cleanliness and health, the carpet should be washed at least 3-4 times a year. If there is a spill of drink or food that falls onto the carpet, clean it immediately. Because if the longer cleaned, the stain will be more difficult. Make sure you do the right cleaning techniques for the carpet according to its type.

One of the dirty furniture is carpet. This one thing is like “sucking” dust, dirt, pieces of yarn, animal hair, to strands of hair. If not cleaned, the carpet will certainly be a nest of germs and not good for the health of all family members. So, diligently clean the carpet in your home. Use a broomstick or vacuum cleaner for clean results. If any stains are stubborn and difficult to clean, you can use a home cleaning service. Choose the best home cleaning service so that the carpet and the whole room are clean always. Buy a quality vacuum cleaner that can suck dust on the carpet properly. In addition to carpets, you can also use this vacuum cleaner for other objects such as sofas, pillows, and mattresses.

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