When your site’s backlinks are good but its rank didn’t go up

SEO is like life, something very mysterious. But that doesn’t mean we just give up. I call it mysterious because so many parameters are made and set by Google and all are interrelated. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to visit https://www.charles-brian.com/new-york-city-seo/ and hire a trusted SEO service company near you.

So again, why can my backlinks be good but my website rank doesn’t rise?

How is your website? These are things that must be done technically:

Check the speed of your website (Mobile Display, Desktop) on PageSpeed Insights. Therefor Speed, there is a Fast, Slow, Average level. And Optimization (Optimization) there is a level of Good, Medium, Low. Try your best.

Check your website if it’s mobile friendly on Mobile Friendly Test. If it’s good, it will come out with a “Page is mobile-friendly” look.

Check if there is duplicate content on your website with the Siteliner.com tool because Google will lower your ranking. This tool only finds duplicate content, but still, you have to choose which one is really the same content. Because the machine will calculate what percentage of content one fits into another, there are 50% matched, some 63% matched. After that, you must determine and discard if there is exactly the same content.

302 redirects, temporary redirects when your site is inaccessible or down. So if your site goes down for too long it will decrease the ranking.

Redirect chains, avoid transferring sites more than once. For example, when you enter mysamplewebsite.com, redirect to hissamplewebsite.com, then transfer it from there again to hersamplewebsite.com. Avoid this!

404 errors, the page when clicked was not found. So if it’s like that, make a special error page.

Canonical errors, many URLs go to the same page.

Duplicate META data.

Incorrect uses of directives (no index, no follow, etc).

These things are what makes backlinks as good and expensive as anything doesn’t work for Google.

The term backlink is sometimes also known as incoming links, inbound links, in links, and inward links that have the same meaning.

The number and quality of backlinks are what affects Google’s page rank to place your site in the top position of search engines.