These are the Three Places You Must Go to When You Are in Samoa

Maybe many of you don’t know about an island nation called Samoa. The country is located in the southern Pacific Ocean which consists of 2 main islands and 7 small islands. It is about half the distance from New Zealand to Hawaii. Samoa belongs to a country that has the smallest region in the world. When there, don’t worry about lodging, because there are Samoa resorts that you can choose and adjust to your own needs.

When visiting and vacationing there, make sure you visit some places that do have beautiful and pleasant views. Some places that you must visit while there are

– Upolu
Visit Upolu, the second largest island in Samoa, to find Apia, the capital of this country. The entrance to the Samoan islands presents a marvelous market, known as Maketi Fou, which offers a variety of tempting tropical fruits, fresh seafood, and other local produce. Nearby you will find a local flea market, and buy cultural souvenirs such as bowl kava, sarong lava-lava, jewelry, and woven handicrafts.

– Lalomanu beach
Explore the east coast of Upolu to discover the beautiful Lalomanu Beach or coconut trees on the south coast, and waves to surf on Salamumu Beach. Head inland to explore Lanoto’o Lake National Park, Sopoaga Falls and the rainforests of the charming O Le Pupu-Pue National Park, with hiking trails and pathways for bird watching across the park.

– Savai’i
Savai’i is the third largest island in Polynesia. Walk along the forest to the swift waterfalls, Mount Matavanu and the Expanse of Lava Saleaula. Radiating blow holes, white sandy beaches and peaceful lagoons are scattered along the Savai’i coastline. Stay in thatched-roof cottages, traditional Samoa cottages with curved roofs and drapes that hang loosely in private or luxurious resorts by the beach.