How You Can Avoid Fake Taxi Service

Illegal or fake taxi is one of the problems that occur at an international airport located not far from Jakarta. Many people who first set foot in Jakarta took that taxi service because they thought there were no official taxis or were deceived to persuade the fake taxi drivers. In fact, is the problem that there are illegal taxis? Do you wonder to know more about Boston airport taxi?

Soekarno Hatta Airport itself has an official taxi ride at the arrival terminal. However, because of the increasing number of passengers, airport taxis have become fleet shortages resulting in a queue. Not to mention that people who have just arrived in Jakarta will experience difficulties in finding an official taxi waiting area for Soekarno Hatta Airport. Eventually, there were elements who took advantage of this gap by offering fake taxis.

The characteristics of an illegal taxi driver are very easy to recognize. When we looked confused looking for the location of the airport taxi base, these people would approach by holding the car key in hand while talking the taxis. The number was quite a lot and scattered in the arrival terminal. The illegal taxi driver will also approach when we are thinking about it because the taxi brand that we are going to order is full and long. Dark taxis are different from car rental in the arrival terminal. Car rental in the departure terminal is official and more secure than dark taxis.

How do you avoid an illegal taxi person? The following are tips for avoiding a fake taxi service at the airport:

1. Ignore if someone in taxi driver approaches us
2. Keep using an official airport taxi even though you are waiting, if the queue is too long it is better to choose another official taxi brand because there are many official airport taxi options at the airport
3. Don’t look confused at the arrival terminal
4. If it’s hard to find a taxi base, it’s better to ask the airport security guard or janitor at the toilet or restaurant employee
5. If the hotel where you are staying provides transportation to the airport, it is better to use it especially if you have never been to Jakarta.
6. Call the taxi pool to show the official taxi base at the airport