3 Unexpected places that can be used to store your belongings

Well, so that your valuables are safe and do not make you worried when you leave home, we have references to what places you can use. Starting from home furnishings to clothes, you can put valuables in it. What do you want to know? Here are 3 locations you need to know. In the meantime, you may also check out the trusted self storage services near you to store the valuable furniture of yours.

1. It’s not the time anymore to save money under a pillow. Put the money in the pillowcase to make it safer.

If many people usually say ‘save money under a pillow’, this time you try to change ‘save money in a pillowcase’. Yup! This is because saving money under a pillow while sleeping is too mainstream. Many people already know about it, so you better try putting money in a pillowcase.

2. Of course when you see the medicine box that is in mind is medicine. Who would have thought if it turned out to contain money and jewelry?

The medicine box is not only a place to store various drugs, but it can also be a place to place valuables. Starting from a sum of money to valuable jewelry you can store in it. Nobody would have thought if the contents turned out to be valuable objects.

3. Never doubt the function of a pencil holder. You can store valuables in it and can be carried everywhere.

Other places you can use to store valuables are pencil cases. Not only at home, but you can also bring pencil cases everywhere. So that your valuables are safe wherever you go because they are stored in a pencil case. But, so that your valuables don’t have scratches due to being hit by a pencil or pen, it is better to enclose them with envelopes or small wallets.