How to do the rope jumping safely

You need to understand, even though it looks light, jump rope sports also have a higher risk of injury than jogging. Aside from that, check out to find the excellent jump ropes online.


So, if you really want to feel the benefits of jumping rope, then it’s a good idea to follow some safety tips for jumping rope by observing the following conditions:

1. Done on a good surface

Jump rope activities should be done on a prime surface so that when landing there is an ideal position for the feet so that the legs are not sprained or sprained when jumping rope.

A good floor surface is not slippery made of wood floors, not soil, asphalt, grass, concrete, even carpet. Also, if you do it indoors, make sure the sky of your room is far enough away from the head when you jump as high as 25-30 cm.

2. Warm up

The important thing before doing jump rope is to warm up, such as jogging, stretching muscles or cycling for 5-10 minutes before. Also, need to be considered to consult a doctor regarding the ideal cardiovascular movements and fitness in accordance with the condition of your body.

In 30-year-old adult men usually have a maximum heart rate for this sport that is 150-160 times per minute for men who are in healthy condition. Note that this maximum heart rate is different for each age.

If you have started the next preparation you can jump rope by positioning the hand slightly above the waist, and about 30 cm away from the body.

Use your wrist to rotate the rope and avoid swinging your arms and shoulders too much. when jumping rope, find the rhythm of jumps by listening to music or can also be done by humming.

The thing to note is to land with your foot pads, and avoid landing with your heels. Foot pads have natural shock absorbers for your body.

The above is a discussion about the benefits of jump rope. From the discussion above the conclusion that can be taken is that although this sport is very useful and relatively light.