Things that make a good beachside house

When building a house on the shore of a very strong building foundation must be considered properly so as not to disturb and troubleshoot later. What was feared was that when having a house on the beach then it would be a problem if the house was hit by the waves of the hard sea. That’s why buildings must have a very strong foundation structure for sandy soil environments. Aside from that, check out the villas and houses at the if you’d like to buy excellent beachside properties in Lombok.

Choice of Tropical Building Architecture

For beach house architecture, Mediterranean-style buildings that tend to have pastel colors will make the house look bright. Nevertheless, for tropical coastal environments and tend to be hot, the shape of the building may be applied. Of course, it would be more appropriate if you marry it using a tropical climate that tends to heat. Because of that Mediterranean architecture can be mated with traditional styles of warm tropical homes and bathed in sunlight every year. Thus you can place a patio or gazebo or maybe a deck as an additional building for the outside so that you or your family can use it to enjoy the beautiful ocean view while sunbathing or relaxing.

Shade Plants

For the outside of the house, you should plant lots of beachside plants such as pine trees or various other plants that are suitable for the soil conditions on the soil you have. The plants that you plant will prevent your house from being hit by winds that often hit hard on the beach. In addition, the environment that tends to be hot and dusty can be reduced by choosing tall plants in your home environment. The house will become cooler and the air will feel fresher and not too stinging with the many plants you choose to decorate your garden.

Main Building Facing the Beach

For the architecture of the beach house the main part of the building, choose by emphasizing the beautiful side of the beach. Both your living room and bedroom you can wake up facing towards the beach so the view looks very beautiful and spacious. For building materials, you can combine it with wood elements to create a beautiful wooden house, combined with concrete construction to strengthen it.