Does Android Smartphone Waste Your Pulse?

Quite a number of new Android cellphone users complained that their pulses were cut suddenly without his knowledge. Even though the user is not using an application that is connected to the internet. In general, they do not understand why this can happen. Well, the Android operating system is an operating system that is “thirsty” for internet data, or in other words wasteful of internet usage. Therefore we recommend that if you want to maximize the use of an Android phone, you should use an unlimited internet package. When talking about the pulse use, you can go to in the case you still have the rest of a lot of pulses but don’t know what to do with that. Pulse converter is the service available on that site, which means that you can get money from the amounts of pulse you have anytime and anywhere.

For those who have not used unlimited internet packages, of course, feel uneasy when using an Android mobile. However, why did this happen? Here is our explanation.

The Android operating system works automatically so that every application installed on an Android phone can synchronize with the server automatically and also still be able to make an internet connection even if the application is running in the background or the application is not being used by the user.

This is actually one of the advantages of the Android operating system. Because by synchronizing automatically, the user will get information in real time or instantly. For example, users will get the latest news updates automatically or get instant notifications if there are new emails or messages from social services (Facebook, Twitter, YM, etc.) without having to enter the application and synchronize or refresh manually.

However, this fully automated system also has several drawbacks. In addition to making Android phones wasteful of internet usage (pulses), this will also make the cellphone become wasteful of batteries.

To be able to save Android internet usage, you can do several things, but the first thing to do is turn off automatic updates from the Google Play application. Because usually, the one that takes the most credit is when the applications update automatically without us knowing.