Window Treatment, How to Make Windows More Interesting

A room that previously had decorations that tend to be boring and monotonous can easily be transformed into more attractive just by adding decorations to the windows. The way to decorate the window display is usually called a window treatment. By doing a window treatment, it can make changes and provide a unique look for the room. If you want to replace your window, you can visit replacement windows Houston.

Window treatment is known as an oriental style interior design, especially Japan. But now the application of window treatment is not only famous in other regions of Japan or Asia but is well known throughout the world.

Natural Elegance
A window treatment that applies the installation of curtains dangling from the ceiling to the floor, with a touch of golden brown looks so luxurious and magnificent. Especially with the touch of other supporting accessories, such as wallpaper motifs and similar carpet motifs with the window treatment.

Elegant Yet Simple
To unite every element of decoration in a formal dining room, you can hang elegant curtains with luxurious motif fabric just below the ceiling. Use a ring to hang the curtains that have a balanced appearance and color with the luxury of the curtain fabric.